Difficulty access Tuya / Smart Life

Hello everyone,
I have recently installed Home Assistant and I am trying to connect the devices that I have already configured with Smart Life.
I add Tuya in the integrations and when I am asked for the information for access I enter them as requests, that is:
email address
country, which in my case is Italy therefore 39
and the Smart Life system

I always get back that it is not possible to log in.
I checked my email and password but I don’t understand where I’m wrong

Check your configuration.yaml file.

An entry should look like this:

  username: "[email protected]"
  password: "YourPassword"
  country_code: 39
  platform: smart_life

Include the quotes between your information.

If you haven’t already, install the File Editor from the Add-On Store under the Supervisor. You might need to go under your User account on the lower left hand part of the screen and enable Advanced Mode in order to see the File Editor add-on.