Difficulty adding Schlage Connect to Z-Wave JS

I am using the Home Assistant Operating System.
I set Supervisor -> Zwave JS -> Configuration to /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Silicon_Labs_HubZ_Smart_Home_Controller_C1301C5A-if00-port0
I used hexdump -n 16 -e ‘4/4 “%08X” 1 “\n”’ /dev/random to create a network key

Then I was able to add the Z-Wave JS Integration and successfully connect to the HUSBZB-1.

My problem is that I am unable to pair it to the Schlage Connect door lock.

I click on “add node” then enable “Use secure inclusion” and finally “Start secure inclusion” Then I click the button the lock itself to pair, but after a few moments of the Schlage Connect lock blinking yellow (attempting to pair) it beeps and turns red signifying enrollment failed.

What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Does it work with the OZW 1.6 integration? This then can tell you, if it is Z-Wave/procedure “issue” or it is something todo with ZWaveJS.

Have you had any luck getting this to work?

I’ve had the same issue since switching to ZWave JS. Worked fine using the old depreciated ZWave integration.

I’ve had issues with my Schlage locks where I need them to be very close to the hub when joining. Everything else I can just do it from anywhere in the house, but I get the behavior you guys mentioned when I try to do it when they’re in the door. You can either take them out of the door or bring the hub to them.

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For anyone reading colin_ha’s reply and thinking ‘nah - can’t be’, you are wrong. If you are chasing an issue and factory resetting your lock, restarting your hub and trying secure vs non-secure, move your hub closer to your front door.

I realized after reading it (and going through factory resets, changing zwave sticks, the whole 9 yards) that I had issues yesterday pairing my battery powered motion sensors across the house, but when I was in the garage with my hub they paired immediately.

Bringing my hub closer to the front door via extension cord and leaving it there for 15 minutes after pairing it got most of the information in the device. I didn’t have lock/unlock surprisingly, so I re-interviewed and bob’s your uncle it’s all there.

Don’t forget to move your hub back and reheal your network.

Seconded. I was literally thinking, Nahhh, I don’t need to do that…read this, and moved it. Worked within seconds. It is taking a while to interview it but, whatever!

Edit: Although, instead of moving my hub (since it can’t go that far) I brought the handles down to the hub and that seemed to mostly work. I believe most of my issues are with the network needing to be rehealed.

I found this thread and high hopes it would resolve my issue, and it did for one of two of my Schlage locks. Saved me hours, thanks for this info!
Unfortunately it did nothing for the other - turns out that one was a BE468GBAK (the ZigBee variant). I guess I never knew this coming from SmartThings. Shocker - that sucker refused to pair with Zwave in HA, even after several shameful hours of attempts.

I have 3 of these Schlage locks and they are incredibly bad at connecting to an automation system when there is a good amount of zwave traffic. The fact that they need to be included with the hub very close is a “security feature” due to the special nature of a lock (security device). I forget the details but I had read a detailed post on the topic so I always do it that way but I still run into tons of issues once I am beyond ~40 zwave devices on the network. This has been true for nearly a decade, first on Smart Things and now on Home Assistant. My locks are the non plus version so I wonder whether things got better with the ZP revision but I am not willing to spend another $600 to replace all 3 to find out. I am tempted to go with the Zigbee version, or just wait for a future Matter version.