Difficulty upgrading Home Assistant Core on Freenas from 0.112.5 to 0.115.2

I am running Freenas version FreeNAS-11.3-U4.1 and running the Home Assistant Plugin (Home Assistant Core which is currently at 0.112.5.

I am trying to upgrade to the latest Home Assistant because it upgrades the gogogate2 plugin so I can integrate my ismartgate into home assistant.

However it just wont upgrade. I have read so many blog posts and searched forums and just cannot figure it out.

The closest thing I can get to a clue is the following error:

ERROR: homeassistant 0.115.2 requires jinja2>=2.11.2, but you’ll have jinja2 2.11.1 which is incompatible.
homeassistant 0.115.2 requires pytz>=2020.1, but you’ll have pytz 2019.3 which is incompatible.
homeassistant 0.115.2 requires pyyaml==5.3.1, but you’ll have pyyaml 5.3 which is incompatible.

I am trying to figure out how to upgrade these files but cant find anything online or in my logs that will assist. There is nothing in the home assistant logs or anything of relevance in the freenas logs.

I have been updating my home assistant plugin with pip and not the upgrade plugin option.

Here is my home assistant specs:

arch amd64
dev false
docker false
hassio false
installation_type Home Assistant Core
os_name FreeBSD
os_version 11.3-RELEASE-p11
python_version 3.7.9
timezone Australia/Sydney
version 0.112.5
virtualenv true

Any help to get my home assistant to the latest version would be greatly appreciated.

Right, didnt want to be one of those people that find a solution to my own problem and not leave that info to other people who may be encountering the same thing.

Essentially I just installed another Home Assistant from the plugins in Freenas as a test. This new home assistant started at 0.115.2. So I just think my 0.112.5 version was borked. Just backed up my configurations, deleted my home assistant and installed a fresh one. El fixedo.