Digital Logarithmic Potentiometer for Volume Control

Has anyone used a digital log pot to control volume? I’d like to add one to my voice assistant to control the speaker volume base on time of day. If so what hardware and configuraiton did you use.

If you search you’ll find threads about digital pots with HA. Not sure if they are logarithmic.

I have, and haven’t found anything about logarithmic pots, this is why I asked. :slight_smile:

The good thing is that computers can do maths, including logarithms.

For audio the logarithm should be implemented in hardware.

The ‘log pot’, that is, a potentiometer has a resistance, taper, or, “curve” (or law) of a logarithmic (log) form, is used as the volume control in audio power amplifiers, where it is also called an “audio taper pot”, because the amplitude response of the human ear is approximately logarithmic.

I used a simple rotary encoder for my wive to change the volume of a media_player.
She’s happy with it. :smiley:

Why can’t you do the bias in software?

This is the back-up plan