Digital shower

Hi, I hope not to post in a wrong section.
About three years ago I bought a digital shower (Chinese, very functional, never had any problems) equipped with a wall-mounted digital thermostatic controller which, through a control cable connected to the control box (where the valves are), controls everything.
I was wondering if it was ever possible to insert it in the home assistant … of course not only to turn it on but also and above all for the adjustment.
Do you think there is any possibility?
Thanks for your help

So, and now we have to guess, what product you are talking about? How it stays together? What is inside?

Our imagination is broad, but not that broad… :stuck_out_tongue:

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At least some information about the device😂I’m interested

Sure :laughing:

The new version of this product is Wifi and can control it with local-tuya on home assistant