DigitalLoggers Integration

It appears that Removed integration - Home Assistant was recently removed which was a core part of my automation.

Does anyone have the link/information on the source code, and what exactly it was removed for, so I can take it over and get it integrated again?

Your link doesn’t tell us what integration you are looking for.

All the source code, even stuff that has been deleted is on github.

If you are looking for the rpi_gpio integration it has now been included via hacs. If you install the hacs version it will work just like before.

Sorry, the link seems broke but the thread title is correct. The DigitalLoggers integration.

what part of that is unclear?

Well, there was an additional question that was unanswered, so I clarified which integration.

“and what exactly it was removed for”

While I will dig around github and try to find the answer, I thought this was a community and someone may have further detail, and the possibility someone else may already be messing with it and have a chance to respond/collaborate.

I guess that someone isn’t you, and that’s fine. However if you have nothing further to actually add, please unfollow this thread and move on.

I am sorry that I missed the “why” part of your question. I personally didn’t know why so I have spent some time looking for you. See 2022.5: Streamlining settings - Home Assistant

If you go to core/homeassistant/components at dev · home-assistant/core · GitHub and click the menu item that says “dev” then in the menu click “tags”, then click on a version prior to 2022.5 (like 2022.4.7) you will revert the code to that version. In the long list of integations you see in that directory there will be a directory called digitalloggers, which has the source as at version 2022.4.7 (the last version that had it in).

If you want to reinstate it in your HA, copy that directory to config/custom_components on your installation. Add a version string to config/custom_components/digitalloggers/manifest.json. Restart HA.