Digitize QR Codes

Hey all,

I’m diving deep into my home automation journey, mostly with zwave but also with a few other devices. Most home automation devices now a days have QR codes for quick and easy provisioning of new devices. This is especially true with ZWave’s new Smart Start QR Codes that ZwaveJS supports. What I want to do is digitize these QR codes to an image from a picture taken of the QR code and save them into a spreadsheet next to the devices entry. Yes I could just save the picture taken of the QR Code but I want to recreate the QR back to the quality where it can be printed and what not. Does anyone know of an application for Windows, Linux or Android that can digitize a QR code to an image file?

Have you tried searching for a QR code generator app in Google Play?

wow “Generator” was definitely the verbiage I needed. I ended up using this app for and it worked perfect the first time.

Thanks a billion