Dim a group of lights simultaneously


Just wondering: I have created some automations for my IKEA bulbs. I.e. Please help: automation for IKEA TRADFRI remote control (E1524/E1810)

I’m wondering: is it possible to

  • group a set of bulbs
  • send a command to the group
  • all the members of the group react simultaneously

thus something like

        entity_id: light.MYGROUP
        brightness: "{{ [state_attr('light.MYGROUP', 'brightness') - 50, 1] | max }}"
      service: light.turn_on

can this be done?

thanx in advance!

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Wouldn’t the entity_id be group.mygroup.
I would be interested in this as I currently use nodered to just dim lights together.

You can but in my experience they don’t all react simultaneously.

I have varying light levels through the day.
The automation(s) is are triggered by a state change in an input_number. I suppose you could do that in nodered too but it seems simple enough. My transitions are set to 180 seconds on segment changes like this so I don’t notice any racing between lights.
I’m sure that Taras could define a template to act only on lights that are on if you feel that you only want one automation.

You can but in my experience they don’t all react simultaneously.


That was my experience too and I found it very annoying. :weary:

Fortunately in 0.101, this was added/merged and was stated in the release notes.

This made all my lights/light groups react simultaneously or at least improved it so much that there isn’t that noticeable “hitch” between lights turning on/off. :+1:

I’ve been waiting for someone to fix that annoying issue for a long, long time… so thanks @mjrider !!! :tada:

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