Dim android companion screen

Hi all,
I recently switched from Domoticz to HomeAssistant. I really like the far more modern look and feel and way of working of HomeAssistant.

To control my home automation I have an Android tablet (galaxy tab 2020) on the wall and I always used the Imperihome app to cummunicate with domoticz and create a nice dashboards on the wall. Homeassistant allows to make such a dashboard directly in homeassistant itself which is really nice.

Imperihome has a nice function that it completely dims the screen if it is not used for (e.g.) 2 minutes, but immediately wakes up if you touch the screen (so it does not actually lock, only put brightness to 0). Is this possible with homeassistant companion app for android as well? It is seriously affecting the WAF that the password has to be entered each time, or that the screen is on all the time…

Thanks all!

you can control the screen brightness using a command

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hi dshokouhi,
thanks for the quick reply. What I am looking for is that if you do not operate the companion app that it automatically dims and after that immediately “opens” (or undims) if you touch the screen. I think that is possible using (some very complex) scripting. The feature on its own seems pretty simple and a straightforward usecase, so I hoped it would also be something simple to enable…

so the android app is not designed for wall mounted scenarios although some features may work nicely with it. Adding the feature you requested is not simple so it won’t happen overnight. You’ll need to use existing features to see if it will work the way you want.

Thanks, I’ll try to get it working using the methods available…

For any one stumbling on this topic…

In the end it was really simple (on my Samsung Galaxy Tab). I did not use the HomeAssistant sensors, but in the Android Settings I set the screen timeout to 1 minute, the lockscreen to none and I enabled double tap to wake. Now the screen goes black after 1 minute and I can just double tap on the screen and I have the HomeAssistant Companian app running immediately. Me happy for now :slight_smile: