Dim lights using On/Off button (Hue & Shelly 1)

Hi guys,

I’m looking into transferring my smarthome setup from Homey to HA.
I’ve got Philips Hue lights installed behind a Shelly 1L switch, so I can use the wall switched to turn on/off the Hue lights in my Homey setup.
The other thing I’m able to do is long press and start a dim loop. When I then long push again, the dim loop ends.

I was wondering if this is possible in HA environment,using Node-Red.
Can you pinpoint to me how I can set this up?

Since I don’t have HA yet, I’m not able to figure it out or show a workflow in Node-red, sorry…

Kind regards!

No suggestions?

It’s not that straight forward, there isn’t a “dim” node per se. With the light service call you can send a command to inc/dec the brightness by pre defined step. Either a percentage or a value each time it’s called.

Different type of lights respond differently in how how big or small the brightness step they will respond to is. Also how frequently you can repeat the command. There are different ways to set-up loops.

When every thing is set up and you can execute flows, it will be easier to understand how to structure automations.