Dimmer +/- Fan state not updating in UI when switch pressed

I’ve searched and found a few older posts, but have not been able to sort out a solution through the new UI (newer HA user with limited tech skills).

I have a handful of primarily dimmer switches (GE 12724/ZW3005, generally, 300S with up-to-date firmware), a few dimmable zwave bulbs (Nortek), and a fan switch or two (again, GE 300S generally) that are not updating status effectively in the UI when pressed at the switch.

What seems to be happening is the UI reflects the next to last state of the switch, so when I turn a dimmer off from 100%, for example, it will show the light as on, at ~1%. If I tap it off again, it will show as off. If I turn it on, it will show as on at 1% (even though it dims up to 100%). Turn it off, it shows as 100%. Tap off, it shows as off. I can go into zwavejs UI and refresh the data for these switches and it will show the correct values.

There’s probably an automation way around this, but I assume based on older posts this is somewhere in the code file for the devices. Maybe a hyperactive node somewhere?

Appreciate any help!

This used to happen with Clipsal Wiser dimmers (zigbee). A device firmware update fixed it.

I’m not familiar with your zwawe dimmers but you should check to see if any firmware updates are available for them.

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Because they’re 300 series, I’m not sure if they can get new firmware. :person_shrugging:

I’ve ruled out network noise, I think, by replacing a couple with newer models I had from a fire sale at Lowes a few years back. Newer models work just fine.

For the bulbs, I set up automations to refresh values based on a tap by their controller switches, which works pretty well.

I think I’ll just have to bite the bullet and replace the others. It’s odd, because I’m making a smartthings transition and they seemed to refresh just fine in ST.

It’s something more nefarious, I suspect. Overnight, some that weren’t updating now update. They don’t seem to be root connected in json UI, and I can’t force them via refresh/reinterview/manual association.

My guess is I’ll be rebuilding the mesh sooner or later.