Dimmer levels in States and History

I have dimmer switches, and the UI for them seems a bit hobbled. In the “States” view, all I get is an on/off switch, unless I “open” the card, then I get a brightness slider, but no easy way to set the value other than fumbling with the slider control. It seems to me the UI should not be centered around on/off but around a current value or % of range, with 0 being off.

More problematic is the history view, which again only shows on/off state, and doesn’t show any indication of value that I can figure out. It would be nice to have a gradation from the fully off to fully on states to reflect a current level. Could be as simple as a greyscale that goes from black to white.

Or maybe a spinner/stepper with a percentage? Here’s an example from a jQuery tutorial to show what I am talking about:

Yes, in the States view that would be appropriate.
The history view is a bunch of 1D colored bars, so it should probably be some kind of gradient there.

Of course you’re right - I was only looking at the states issue. Perhaps the percentage could be part of the bar itself, like the states show in them.