Dimmer switch advice UK

Some Lockdown induced DIY had led to me needing to move a lightswitch. It is a 2 gang dimmer, controlling GU10 recessed LED bulbs, and I’m looking for advice on what hardware I’d need to do this. I’m a linux developer by day, so the software side should be fairly easy for me.

I’d rather not extend the wiring from its existing location as it would need to dig through a couple of meters of walls. There is plenty of oppertunity to hide a discrete box where the current cables terminate.

There is a suitable place for a controller for the light next to another switch that can stay where it is.
What hardware would would you suggest? I need a physical control on the wall for the 2 sets of lights, and then I think I need some kind of device hidden where the old switches were to control the lights. I have lots of rasrberrypi’s sitting around. What else do I need? I was about to buy a lightwaverf system, but a friend put me onto this project.

Welcome, Tom!

Did you take a look at the Shelly/Sonoff devices? (I think they are compatible with UK wiring)

You can probably flash Tasmota/ESPHome on those devices too if you wanted to (removes the Sonoff cloud dependency)

Thank you fedot, I didn’t even know there were solutions that didn’t require a hub.

I like the look of the shelly 2 dimmer, as they are quite compact. Now I’m trying to find a wall mounted controller for that. If I put up a detachable remote, then I know it will be lost the same day - this is for a 7 year olds bedroom.

If anyone has any suggestion for the dimmer controls for the wall, I’d be very thankful.