Dimmer, switch and roller shutter recommendation

Hi all,
I’m renowating an apartment and need advice for:

  1. dimmer
  2. switch
  3. roller shutter

Currently I have Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules and Roller Shutter 3 modules. Good thing about dimmers is they are rock stable, bad thing is that only one can be put in a wall box behind momentary switch.

So I’m looking at some more elegant solution for this problem.
One solution would be to run all cables to electrical box and put dimmers in there, but this ups the cost too much.
Second solution would be integrated modules in momentary switches (I don’t like at all Fibaro Walli), like Vimar: Product Catalogue - Plana - Devices - Radiofrequency - page 1 - Vimar energia positiva

Or maybe some has better recommendation (I live in Europe)?

Can Vimar be easily integrated in Home Assistant?
Other thing I’m worries about is Z-Wave and Fibaro future, with Matter and stuff…


Hi, what have you choose?

Nothing yet :sweat_smile: still weighing the options

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