Dimmer Switch with a dump, non-dimmable LED


Is it possible to have a dimmer switch controlling and a non-dimmable LED? I have a TKB Dimmer Switch but my LED is just flickering (so I guess it is non-dimmable). I thought a dimmer switch is the same as a “standard” switch when using with max current? As the switches are very expensive I dont want to buy several different ones until I have the right one.

Thank you very much

Not all dimmers will work with LED blubs.

I had a remote controlled Lutron that would not completely turn off LED bulbs, to much current leakage through the dimmer.

I also had a dimmer that I had to control some GE light sticks (non-dimmable) LEDs, if you try to dim them they turn into a strobe light.

I am now using Lutron Caseta dimmers that completely dim to off status. They do require the use of a bridge with home assistant. Amazon has a package that includes a remote and a bridge with the switch, if you buy the just the bridge it costs as much as the package.

There is a definite difference between a switch and a dimmer.