Dimming and non-dimming on one wall switch. Would this wiring diagram work?

I wonder whether it is possible to connect a combination of dimmable and non-dimmable bulbs to a single dimmable wall switch by trying the following complex set up attached.

FYI I’m in the UK.

I’m planning on using the Samotech SM323 due to the insistence from my partner that we have typical looking old school dimmer knobs. These turn to dim and press to turn on/off.

The dimmable lights would be added as per the wiring instructions of the SM323 and then I was thinking, you could add another in-wall zigbee switch in parallel to these lights.

The non-dimmable lights would then be connected to the zigbee switch as per its own wiring instructions.

I’m no electrician so just relying on my school physics but I would have thought this setup would be fine depending on how the dimmer switch functions and what output voltage it gives, together with what the non-dimmable switch needs as voltage.

My hope would be that when the dimmable switch is dimmed to any level, the non-dimmable switch would receive enough current to consider the switch to be on and only when the dimmable switch is turned fully off, the current would be low enough for the non-dimmable switch to read this as off. Maybe I’d need to add a resistor along the live wire to the non-dimmable switch so that the voltage isn’t too high but again this depends on how the non-dimmable switch functions and if it can manage high voltage.

Any insight would be much appreciated or any other solutions to the problem (I haven’t seen anyone attempt anything similar)

FYI, I do have a neutral wire available.