Dimming feature of Aqara lights disappears and appears periodically


I have an interesting issue which I’m struggling to find an answer for. I have looked widely on this issue.

Periodically, I will lose the ability to dim or brighten my lights controlled by Home Assistant. It seems that when I reboot my HA installation I lose the “brightness arc” around the lightbulbs that are used to change the brightness of the bulb. Usually I am controlling HA by the HA app on iOS. The weird thing is that the feature will often reappear sporadically. Is it deConz taking its time to communicate with HA? I wanted to use deConz to avoid having yet another hub! Everything else is working fine.

I can control the brightness and colour temp through deConz, but that’s a long way round.

My setup is …

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • deConz
  • Aqara Lightbulbs

Software …

I have tried the following …

  • erasing the Pi and reinstalling HA i.e. starting again with a fresh system.
  • deleting the lightbulbs and reinstalling them.
  • rebooting the HA installation again.

If I have missed a solution to this I apologise in advance.

Best wishes to all.

I can also confirm all this symptoms. Up to now, I have no idea where the problem is.

Thanks for your reply

No problem. In my case, I see also some stochastic reply after each reboot or restart of the HA server. Each time another bulb shous the “ring”. Nothing systhematic as mentioned. But when sending the brightnes comands from the automatise script, seems to work.

It is endeed annoying…

Did anyone work a solution for this? I only have one Aqara light unfortunately but it does exactly the same. It doesn’t happen very often, but usually either or both a restart of the add-on or/and HA will fix it and brightness will be back.

Although after the latest fault brightness hasn’t come back yet.

The same problem:

Raspberry 8GB
Operating System
HassOS 4.15

ConBee2 (connected to Raspberry)
Version 2.05.84 / 9/14/2020
Firmware 26660700

Home Assistant Add-on
Current version: 6.4.1