Dimming lights using Node-RED

How does one easily dim lights over a period of time (30 minutes) and turn off? This to simulate the sleep dimming of lights that Hue and Google-Home for example have. I tried using a transition on either lights turn_on or turn_off but somehow it’s always instant. All lamps can dim.

I use a loop counter with a delay. Inside each iteration I use the call service node to set the next brightness level.

Do you use it because the transition not work for you either in this case? I just don’t get it as for turning lights on/off I often do a mini transition so it feels more natural and it works. But here I cannot get it to work.

I think I figured it out. Transition does work, but doesn’t show correctly in the dashboard when using the turn_off. In the dashboard it shows as off immediately and later it will come back on and you see the percentage move from on to off.

When I was doing this earlier I wasn’t in the same room as where the light was. Testing with a light near my computer I notice the lamp doesn’t go out, despite the dashboard showing it off. Giving it time the dashboard correct itself and it starts ‘dimming’.

I don’t have the same lights as you, and the transition parameters don’t function with the integration that I use, so I had to find my own solution. I’m glad you’ve figured it out, though. :grinning:

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