DIN mounted wired dimmer suggestion


Any suggestions for a dimmer module (ideally with at least 4 channels) that is mounted on DIN rail and can be controlled directly by wall switches (wired) and can be controlled by HA (idealy a wired communication protocol like DALI, not wireless like zigbee or zwave or wifi). Not interested in KNX, too pricy for mee.



Did you find a solution? I am in excat position and need same dimming solution.

Hi! I will use a complete system for home automation from Taphome in our new house, they offer a 8CH dimmer module https://taphome.com/en/8dim
There is a feature request to integrate TapHome with HA, see TapHome integration

Not sure when it will be available.

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There is not a direct integration but both HA and TapHome support modbus protocol. Iā€™m not too familiar but I believe modbus is similar to mqtt, where you can send simple text commands. Nodered has a set of modbus nodes if your familiar with it.

Thanks for this. Will have a look what do they offer. Would be brilliant if they develoo the integration!