Direct binding of Tuya dimming module

Hi there,

I am having a Tuya 2 Ch dimming module, where I would like to directly bind the switch input of the 2nd channel to control my constantly powered IKEA Tradfri bulb.
So basically I would like to transform the Tuya 2 Ch Dimming module into a Philips Hue Wallswitch module via direct binding. Unfortunately I cannot use the Philips Hue Wallswitch as I do not have space for additional hardware.

Where do I stand?
At the dimming modul there are several endpoints to bind, but only endpoints “1” and “2” offer clusters to bind. Binding the clusters to a group (single device not possible) is successful. I considered clusters GenBasic, LevelCtrl and OnOFF as most appropriate, but also tried different combinations.
Binding is generelly successfull, but the Tradfri Bulb does not change when I change the module either by switch or via frontend.

Any idea how to overcome this issue? Every assistance is apprecciated!
Kindest regards

Did you make any progress with this?

I’ve struggled to find a combination of dimmer modules and wall switch that I could bind together…

unfortunately not…