Direct Call of deconz funtions to implement colorloop for Ikea tradfri?

Hi everybody,

I got some Ikea tradfri Lamps that are controlled via conbee2 and deconz. Working flawless and the setup was supereasy. The only thing that came up is that the RGB E14 Lamp doesn’t support colorloop in any way.

I found that I can at least to a “slow colorchange” from color 1 to color 2 directly in deconz. If I could call this directly from within home assistant I could easily crete a lightweight colorloop by myself.

I know it might work with updateing the color every 2 minutes to a veryclose neighbour and do the colorloop manually - but this would be a lot of zigbee traffic.

What are your thoughts? Might be doable to call a deconz fuction directly in an automation in HA? Or another idea?

thanks for your feedback