Direct forum link for each integration on the website / or comments

So the integration documentation on the main HA website is great but I feel it’s lacking discussion.

Perhaps we could add either a comments section to the bottom of each integration page, or a link to the official forum, direct to a post purely about that integration?

The documentation on the main site is ok, but it’s often only half the story, there is for sure scope for more examples and perhaps discussion about using the specific integration.

If someone makes a YouTube video about an integration, its use or setup, then allowing them to pin a link to their video on the integration page would also be very useful.

It would be preferable if you used the links at the bottom of each document page to improve them with the missing information.

I agree, but how far does someone go?
For sure the documentation could be fattened out a lot on some of the integrations.
But that does not cover people either asking questions or viewing other peoples journeys using an integration.
The Blink camera one comes to mind, the basics are on the integration page, but there is more scope for the integration than detailed. But everyone’s use case is different, and there is a lot of learning to be taken from following the threads of others perhaps further down the path. The link to Git is useful where provided, but once there, it’s not a forum, it’s only issues etc, hence why many Git rep’s issue logs are stuffed with queries rather than actual genuine bug reports.
And even then, these are the people that have a git account, how many people give up in the absence of further reading/question asking?

Sure people can post a question in this forum, but they get lost very quickly and are often hard to find.

We have the Community Guides category for sharing tutorials.

Not a full solution, and not in the right place.