Direct zigbee binding with IKEA styrbar switch

I’m trying to create a direct binding, so that I use a switch to control all zigbee lamps as a failsafe in the case HA goes down.

I’m using ZHA and I have in the past used the “Binding” feature in the “Manage Zigbee Device” Menu. It was always a bit hit or miss but in the past I managed to bind this very remote to a light group. After an update it was all of a sudden controlling a different lamp so I’ve removed the switch and paired it anew and it is now using the v2 quirk. It is generating zha events just fine.

The problem is that I can’t manage to bind it at all now. It is not listed in the coordinator add/edit group feature either.

Is it possible to bind it using cluster commands? I have the zha_toolkit installed but it’s all a bit confusing to me.

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