DirecTV attributes?

So we just upgraded our TV setup in the house to the newer Direct TV master genie with a couple of genie minis in other rooms.
Now I’m seeing attributes of, media_player.bedroom and media_player.livingroom, (Yes, kitchen, bedroom and livingroom are device names I gave them in the DirecTV menu) all “unavailable”. I see in the error log HA is trying to talk to them:
media_player.livingroom: Invalid status 403 received
but I don’t understand if there is a purpose… unless there is a DirecTV control addon lurking around somewhere…

and I’m getting these “Invalid status 403 received” errors on each of my three genies every minute. It’s rendered my logs worthless. Any way to eliminate these items? I didn’t create them, I don’t see them in known_devices. I’ve deleted the /config/.storage/entities file and let it be recreated and they keep popping back in.

It’s part of the discovery component.

Make the following changes to your configuration:

    - directv
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My logs and I thank you.

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