DirecTv Integration cannot turn on nor off the set top box

Hello Everyone,
I’m a newbe to HA and trying to recreate the DirecTv remote control on a UI page.
I’ve added the DirecTv integration and it is working, but only partly.
I can used HA to change the channels on my set top box, but the “default remote” (the one that is create when installing the integration) will not turn off nor will it turn on the set top box (I can change channels and the like only if the set top box is turned on via the original physical DTV remote).

If I press the “power” button, the TV responds with the “error Boink” and does nothing.

I’ve search the Internet, found the question posted on Sept, 2020 (link posted below), but it has no responses/solutions.

I see no log messages within HA, and am stumped in how to debug this situation. Any guidance would greatly be appreciated!

I only assume that it’s something I’m doing incorrectly. Would love to know what it is.

Thank you in advance!