Disable a trigger in an automation?

I’m attempting to simplify my automations in HA by consolidating separate automation for a singular function into one. Recently, I came up with a concept for my home office that involves triggering the following actions when I enter the room:
Condition: Time between sunrise to sunset
Trigger 1
Office motion sensor detects motion > Open blinds to 50% (only once per day)

Trigger 2
Sunset > Close blinds

I’m facing a challenge where I need the blinds to open only once a day, allowing me to control the open/close state for the rest of the day. While I can achieve this through separate automations working together, I’m looking for a way to incorporate it into a single automation.

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to disable a trigger in an automation (not the whole automation) or through HA to achieve the same result. I’ve been searching, but haven’t been able to find anything yet. Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is an XY problem.

Post your two existing automations. We will show you how to consolidate them.

Thanks, mate, I actually found an alternative solution in the interim by creating a boolean input, but no one seems to know if there is a way to disable a trigger in an automation (not the whole automation). Or would you have to keep making booleans to achieve the same result?

You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist; there’s no service call to “disable an automation’s trigger”.

The offer still stands to help you redesign the automation in order to eliminate this highly unusual need to ‘disable a trigger’. For example, with the appropriate conditions the trigger can be ignored (i.e. trigger isn’t disabled but allowed to execute the action only under very specific conditions).

It sounds like what you need is to know the state of the blind and the time. So if you trigger on both, you just check whether the blind state and time are correct (use a condition with and/or) and only then do the action.