Disable ‘alarm’ sensors from an action

I tell you my problem.

I use the ‘alarmo’ application as my home alarm system. I have it configured with automatism and it activates itself when there is no mobile phone connected to the wifi.

If there is an open window when the alarm is going to be connected, the alarmo app does not activate and sends me a warning that it has not been possible to activate the alarm because there is an open window.

At that moment if I am close I go back home and close it, but if I am far away I would like to deactivate all the window sensors and activate the alarm anyway. If someone breaks in, the presence and movement sensors would be triggered.

The thing is that I can do this by hand, by going into alarm it gives the possibility to deactivate the sensors one by one and then set the alarm by hand.

But I would like to know if I can program it all in one action, deactivate the sensors and activate the alarm.

I have been looking at how to program this and have not found any way to automatically tell alarmo to deactivate any sensors.


I have already found a solution by changing the focus.

I have created a new alarm state inside ‘alarmo’ and I have assigned the same sensors except for the window sensors. So when the alarm goes off, I only have to tell it to arm in the new mode (where windows are not taken into account).