Disable all these useless AAAA requests


HASS has always these AAAA requests for all (internal-only!) devices. Meaning every minute dozens-and-dozens of requests are coming in on the DNS server - just responding with there is none.

On all systems, IPv6 is disabled at boot time via /etc/sysctl.conf.

What is the use of polling the DNS server every minute asking for AAAA records of all connected devices?

And also - is there a way to disable this as these devices don’t have an IPv6 address?

Cheers - Will

I did some more testing. And found out that for every integration Home Assistant is doing an AAAA request for every device. It does this every time it polls for data.

Take for example the TAPO smart plugs - I have changed the poll-rate from 60 seconds to 15 seconds. Now, there is an AAAA request for these devices every 15 seconds. None of these devices support IPv6.

In my case it means that about 40% of all DNS queries are from Home Assistant and its useless AAAA requests. With the new poll-rate of the TAPO devices, this is raised to 56%!!!

While not a real big (technical?) issue, it is a total waste of compute/power resources… would be great if this can be stopped… anyone?