Disable auto adding Areas to devices on HA restart/integration reconfigure or refresh

Hi all,

Here’s my problem. I have a few integrations (HUE, Tado etc.) which automatically get assigned to a specific area for example: LIVING ROOM.
How can i disable HA from automatically setting the AREAS for these entities on restart as it’s starting to piss me off. I’m removing them and everything is fine but as soon as HA gets restarted or the integration gets reconfigured the area is set again.

I’m blaming this on the naming of the entity. For example both TADO and Philis HUE bring in the devices into HA and i have them configured in the apps (Hue and Tado) with the respective room name.

Again my question is: How do i stop them from automatically adding them to a specific room at restart?


At the bottom of each entity’s settings pop-up:

that does not work, it won’t unbind you can check the video below:

Is it only TADO and Hue doing this?

I don’t think i have anything else with rooms configured in the app