Disable bluetooth in configuration.yaml


is there a way to disable bluetooth in homeassistant (via a configuration.yaml entry).

I have found the various subjects about disabling it on a raspberry pi, which is not what I’m using.

I’m running HA core in a proxmox VM which does not have any bluetooth, nor WIFI, only a zigbee dongle passed through.

I’m seeing a warning message at each HA (re-)start, telling me:

Setup of bluetooth is taking over 10 seconds.

I know this is harmless, because apart from that message, it’s working nicely. But I’m still willing to disable this probing if it’s possible to do so.

Is there a comprehensive documentation about what can be in the YAML config file ?
I’ve read Configuration.yaml - Home Assistant but did not find anything like that in it.


You would have to remove default_config and enumerate the integrations manually (without bluetooth:, of course)

Default Config - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

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Thanks a lot, that was the thing I missed.

Are all the integrations coming from default_config: come with only their default config / values, or is there some different config coming with it ?

I.e. can I just replace default_config: by the list of the integrations it contains and get the same thing ?

Yes, you can

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Perfect then !