Disable buttons/sliders/etc while scrolling on android?

I have a card that I use to manage my tesla powerwall. It’s got a little slider on it that lets me select the backup reserve (1-100). I usually keep it at 5

Occasionally, while I’m scrolling up and down in this view, I’ll accidentally touch that slider, and bump the backup reserve to 100%. When I do that, it causes the powerwall to flip to backup-only and starts drawing from the grid. I live in San Diego, and I have to deal with SDGE, and so this is the equivalent of sticking one of those mapletree syrup taps directly into a kidney and directly taking my blood.

Now, I would classify this as a bug (you shouldn’t be able to interact with buttons/switches/sliders/etc while the view is scrolling. i also believe that the mobile app shouldnt ever auto-scroll back up to the top once it refreshes), but this could be intended functionalithy for some reason.

That being said - is there a way for me to put some kind of safety on this thing? So that I stop accidentally slamming it to 100% while im scrolling because i accidentally touched it in just the right place?

any help or guidance here would be rad!

unfortunately its a known issue


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