Disable devices card?

i have only made the automation that i have showed haha i dont know what else to do or how :stuck_out_tongue: like i said I’m quite new to home assistant

the devices card was a theoretical of something that would be useful to have if possible, but i have no knowledge of how to make such a thing sooo all i have created so far is the automation you helped out with

To create means: Go to Helpers section (Integrations —> Helpers —> Add helper) and add input booleans to your system.

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ahhhhhh i think i get it noww although i cant seem to find an “input boolian” helper when i go to create one? also do i have to create an individual helper for each device?

I don’t know what it’s called in the English version, here it’s the 10. entry.

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that would be number so how would you recommend creating this?

No, it must be bool or something like that.

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unless i am missing it somewhere else this is the whole list

It’s „Toggle“.

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alr8ght then so ive got these

now i guess i need to add them to a card somehow?

i believe i have got it all working! thanks so much for all the help!!!

Glad to hear!
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