Disable / enable timer node in Node-RED

Hi, I have build the attached flow in Home Assistant Node-RED. It’s a very simple flow which switches on and off a device on a daily basis. However, I want to enable and disable the flow with an “input_boolean” switch. This is not working. The Schedex timer node is not taking the status of the input_boolean switch into account. So the device is switched on and off independently of the status of the switch. Can you please help me? Thanks.

input_boolean - big timer node - current state - switch - etc

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The ‘Check if Guest is enabled’ node is an AND/OR logic gate that that allows the trigger ‘Ring Front Door Motion’ msg.payload to pass through if the input boolean switch is enabled, otherwise it blocks msg.payload. The logic node can be installed from the NR pallete “node-red-contrib-bool-gate”.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


After some trial and error, this is the final result and it is working!

Regarding the input_boolean switch, I have added the following code to configuration.yaml:

    name: Automatische Beregening
    icon: mdi:sprinkler-variant

In Node-RED, I have added the following flow:

Bigtimer: 07:00 – 08:00

  • On Time: 07:00
  • Off Time: 08:00
  • Latitude: 51.766547
  • Longitude: 5.578379
  • ON Msg: On
  • OFF Msg: Off
  • Days: Mon – Wed – Fri
  • Months: Apr – May – Jun – Jul – Aug – Sep - Oct


  • == On --> 1
  • == Off --> 2

Current State: Automatische beregening Aan?

  • Server: Home Assistant
  • Entity ID: input_boolean.beregening_switch
  • If State: is on

Call Service: Pomp: Aan

  • Server: Home Assistant
  • Domain: homeassistant
  • Service: turn_on
  • Entity ID: switch.fibaro_fgs222_beregeningspomp

Call Service: Pomp: Uit

  • Server: Home Assistant
  • Domain: homeassistant
  • Service: turn_off
  • Entity ID: switch.fibaro_fgs222_beregeningspomp