Disable Exclusion mode for non included controllers?

I may be barking up the wrong tree, but trying here.

I would like to disable a Z-Wave device’s ability to exclude from a network except from the controller it’s originally on, or better yet, disable exclusion entirely until it’s unlocked.

Case in point: I join an device with S2 to a network using controller 1. I could (and have done) start exclusion mode on another z wave controller, and it will leave the original network, I could then join the second network, without having access to the first network.

This is concerning to me, especially for locks, but annoying to me for other devices. I have curious people in my house first of all, and I don’t want my locks and switches lost from curiosity.

Is there a way, besides physically gluing the zwave device buttons, to make the original controller the only one that can exclude a device?

Not possible.

The ZWave spec is designed intentionally to allow ANY controller including the one for the network it’s joined to to exclude a device in the event that the original controller is lost or damaged…

it prevents the device from becoming a brick, linked to a network it can’t disjoint from.

ZWave plus added the mandate that a device have an on board factory reset procedure that also disjoins a network forcibly.

Physical security of the button that allows exclusion is your mitigation… Notice how most locks use a physical button that is on the inside of the lock housing on the secure side of the lock for ZWave inclusion?

I figured as much. And, I get it, I do, but that doesn’t stop my tiny human from doing things.
Especially when many devices have a fairly easy to perform factory reset / exclude mode.

Seems glue is in order.