Disable folders from snapshots (by default)?

I don’t see any configuration options for snapshots.

With the addition of the /media folder, I need the ability to exclude it (by default) from snapshots. I have automated backup add-ons, and it just recently hosed my poor 256GB system trying to create a snapshot of my 5.3T /media folder …

HA needs a configuration option for snapshots to allow excluding addons and folders by default.

Agree on this. Just had some snapshot creation system freeze state, as forgot to remove media checkbox.
More info on freeze: Creating a snapshot is not possible right now because the system is in freeze state

@guice, were you able to keep your media folder from being included in snapshots? I would like to use my HASS install SSD as a SAMBA share for backups from other systems on my network.

The only way is to setup a Partial snapshop and uncheck the Media box. I use an addon, “Google Drive Backup” which gives me the option to uncheck the Media folder in its routine backups.

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