Disable "Friendly" name of state values

Usually it’s noce, but sometimes I’m very confused and annoyed by the “friendly values” of states. e.g.:

  • “Dry” and “cleared” in place of “off”
  • “Home” in place of “home”
  • “Clear” or “Cleared” in place of “off”

These values I find in the UI or in the Logbook, versus the Developer Tools - States. And it confuses me a lot when trying to understand how a particulare entitiy/sensor works , or when writing an automation.

Is there any way to temporarily disable this “friendly” view ?
I would like to have something like … a switch somewhere: “Show real entity values” or “disable friendly entity values” of … something like this … so that when I use it, I can see everywhere (in Logbook, in History, in UI) only the real state value.

Look in Developer Tools → States. It always shows the un-translated state.

Also vote here: Add a selectable option to display either true state or the translated front-end state in the entity history

Thanks, especially for the link mentioned !! I will go and vote with both hands :smile:
I’m happy to see that also others had this wish in one way or another :slight_smile:

Regarding the Developer Tools, I know about it, also mentioned it in the initial post, just that the other locations (where values are “pretty shown”) are confusing to me .