Disable GPS when home?

Is there a way to disable location tracking / GPS when I’m home? Ideally based on when on my phone is connected to the home WiFi, just like it switches to the internal URL.

I like to have GPS based tracking when I’m out, but its a waste of battery when I know I’m home via wi-fi

You can probably do this with Tasker. In Tasker, something like “if connected to WiFi xy --> disable GPS” and the opposite if your device is not connected to wifi xy.

That’s not a bad idea. I’m not sure but want to disable GPS for all applications though.

I just want to stop the Home Assistant app from sending location updates. I previously used Zanzitto and Ariela which had this built in.

For which app do you want to continue using GPS when you are home?

Are you sure that the app still reports GPS location once you are home?

Possibly not, but this is what I see in home assistant. Before switching to the Home Assistant app, I wouldn’t see the GPS source reporting when I was home

Bump, would be cool option