Disable NFC for iOS app (notification)

Hi there,

So I’m using NFC tags with the shortcuts app by Apple, so it fires without opening any app which makes it a bit more convenient.

The issue is that I also get a notification from the home assistant app, but I don’t want that. Is there something I can do to deactivate that without losing all the notifications from the mobile home assistant app?



I was having this same issue today and came across your post just seconds before I discovered the solution. The home assistant notification you’re seeing actually isn’t coming from the app at all. When you scan an NFC tag into home assistant, it writes a URL into that NFC tag. When the tag is scanned your automation from shortcuts runs, but your phone also sees the attached URL and tries to open that which displays the Home Assistant prompt. To resolve this, you just need to wipe the NFC tag. There are several apps available to accomplish this. I personally use an app called NFC Tools: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nfc-tools/id1252962749 with the app open, select the “Other” menu option, then select “Erase tag”. You should see a prompt appear to scan the tag. Once you have done that, the tag gets wiped, but your IOS Shortcut will still execute as expected since the tag’s ID has not been changed. Hope this helps!


Tried it and it works indeed as you described. Brilliant stuff man, thanks for taking the time to share!

This is amazing work! This takes it to a new level of user experience. Thanks so much.

Hi, I have tried using nfc Tools app but after i delete tag home Assistant do not read the erased tag