Disable Show_header_ toggle doesn't work - entity_filter

With the newest version of ha core (0.107.x) a example below doesn’t work correctly any more. It shouldn’t show the header toggle, but as soon as two of lights are on, I get that header google although it should be hidden. This worked fine before.
Seems like a bug. Could some one test the example?

- type: vertical-stack
    - type: entity-filter
      show_header_toggle: false
        - light.light_one
        - light.light_two
        - light.light_three
        - "on"

I have the same issue with the entity filter card - I can no longer get rid of the header toggle, and title: no longer displays a title.
(Unless we are both doing something stupid!)

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Also seeing this with Home Assistant Core 107.7 but not on 106.6

Also seeing this on 107.6. Hoping it’ll be fixed soon

This is working again after upgrading from 0.107.6 to 0.108.6. Had to clear cache but aftewards, the disable_header_toggle set to false works as expected.

EDIT: spoke too soon…

So it looks like something weird is going on. I’m using an entity filter for lights and have ~30 lights that are in scope for the card. After 3 or more lights are on, the header toggle shows up. But if there are <3 lights, the header toggle does not show up, which is the expected behavior.