Disable Show_header_ toggle doesn't work - entity_filter

With the newest version of ha core (0.107.x) a example below doesn’t work correctly any more. It shouldn’t show the header toggle, but as soon as two of lights are on, I get that header google although it should be hidden. This worked fine before.
Seems like a bug. Could some one test the example?

- type: vertical-stack
    - type: entity-filter
      show_header_toggle: false
        - light.light_one
        - light.light_two
        - light.light_three
        - "on"

I have the same issue with the entity filter card - I can no longer get rid of the header toggle, and title: no longer displays a title.
(Unless we are both doing something stupid!)

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Also seeing this with Home Assistant Core 107.7 but not on 106.6