Disable skills from Alexa before adding to HA?

I had two skills for controlling home ACs in Alexa- one for Tado and the other for Sensibo. Both are IR based controllers and I have both of them set up in Home Assistant.

I want to integrate Alexa next and I’d like to be able to tell Alexa to switch ACs on or set temperatures etc. Do I remove these skills from Alexa, then integrate Alexa into HA and then figure out how to set voice commands to enable/disable cooling? Or do I just leave these skills in Alexa and use it for AC commands?

I’d say leave the skills in place. I have a Nest thermostat controlled by HA and by an Alexa skill and there’s never been any conflict. In addition, the skill provides voice command options that would be difficult to implement through HA - for example “What’s the thermostat set to?”

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