Disable smart smoke detector?

Still playing with HA, but I’ve noticed a lot of folks use smart smoke detectors/CO2 detectors connected to zwave or zigbee. Is the selling point here simply that you can get alerted if you are away from home, or get a notification if the battery needs replacing, or can you actually control the device?

I’m not going to lie, if I could have a button on my phone that would disable the smoke detector for 15 minutes because I accidentally set it off while pan frying a steak(some day I’ll have a range hood that vents outside :frowning:), I would jump on that in a heart beat. However, that doesn’t seem to be a feature of any smoke detectors I can find.

Other than getting a hard wired smoke detector with a smart switch in the circuit(which I’m guessing would be a code violation) that could cut the power, is this possible?

did you ever find anything? im using First Alert as seen here but i dont think it has such ability.

Nope, Every solution I came up with would have gotten me in trouble with the fire Marshall and/or building inspector so I gave up.