Disable Tap to Zoom on iOS App


I use the Home Assistant App für iOS.
The app is great except one thing:
If I tap on a TextBox it always zooming in.
That’s really annoying.

I found this Thread Disable tap to zoom but it seems that it’s for HADashboard.

Does some one know how to disable this “feature”?

The next version of the iOS app makes this a preference, and the Frontend change which enabled zooming was reverted I believe for the 2021.3 release occurring this week.

Wow nice that it is already in the next version :star_struck:
And thank you for the fast reply.
I am waiting for it

This is still causing issues for me. Where is the setting to disable this?

Somewhat old, but I found disabling “Pinch to Zoom” under “Settings > Companion App > General” stopped the zoom when an input text was focussed.

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