Disable Zone based tracking

I just want the app to show if I am Home or Away. I have Background location tracking on and Zone based tracking off but I am still seeing my current zone reported by the device tracker. I’ve done a refresh as described here https://companion.home-assistant.io/docs/troubleshooting/faqs/#starting-fresh-with-the-android-app but it’s still showing current zone. What am I missing?

Turning off zone based tracking doesn’t stop the device tracker from picking up your zone, it just means that the app won’t use your zones as geofences for the tracking.
If you don’t want your zones used for tracking at all you will need to define these as passive in Home Assistant, which allows you to use them in automations but hides them from the frontend and doesn’t use them for device trackers

The device tracker is GPS based and as such will always provide GPS data so you will always be zoning with this device tracker. The Zone based tracking toggle is just meant to make enter/exiting a zone faster.