Disabling automations during absence

If I want to disable automation when going to a 3 weeks holiday, is it ok to rename automations.yaml and give HA an empty automation.yaml? Or does this delete the automations and their state from core.restore_state?
(I am talking about 140 automations, where 30% are disabled and should stay disabled after holidays)

The better way would be a helper entity (binary switch) for vacation or a calendar entry.
You can check it as a condition at each automation.

Not sure, but I think you need a restart HA or at least reload the automations at developer tools if you rename it. But then a empty automations.yaml should exist. (not 100% sure)

Or the other way is to call the service automation.turnOff or automation.turnOn with the relevant automations list. You can combine this with a helper entity which triggers this service call as an automation.

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