Disabling entities (or devices) is that similar to excluding them from being recording

I feel this is again a kind of beginners question - apologies, beginner, yes i am - but I have been reading a lot about this and it is still not clear to me …

In the settings menu of devices and entities, see screen below, you can choose to enable / disable them and to hide or make them visible …

Is disabling the same as excluding and including them from being recorded ??

It clearly states that if you make them invisible, history is still tracked …
But does it mean that if you disable them that history is not tracked and that this therefore also is no longer recorded in the log files?

If the logging is stopped by disabling then you avoid the many reads and writes to your storage media, and this sounds easier that editing in YAML the recording integration … (Recorder - Home Assistant).

Thanks in advance for your reactions

No, it is more than that. The entity is also unavailable for use in dashboards or automations.

If you only exclude the entity from the recorder then the current state is still available for use, you just can’t view or use its history (e.g. feed it to a history stats sensor).

I do really wish there was an easy UI to enable/disable change the recording limit for specific devices/entities.