Disabling the integrated MQTT version

I have been using the zwavejs with MQTT, but I never installed MQTT. I started heading down the installation path for my new Ratgo devices and I can’t use the ESPhome as I need to use dry contacts so the MQTT way is the best approach.

How do I disable the integrated MQTT instance that doesn’t seem to have much documentation around. I’m using the latest docker version. Does simply setting up the MQTT integration handle this?

So just to clarify…

you are running HA Container (HA in a Docker container but without a Supervisor of any kind)?

And you run zwavejs (presumably in another Docker container) and have chosen the MQTT method of communication to HA?

And all of your zwave devices show up in HA correctly?

If that is all true then you must have installed some sort of MQTT broker yourself in some way. Even in a Supervised type of installation you still had to install a broker and that would have been done thru an add-on most likely.


All that said I’m not sure what exactly you mean here.

You either have an MQTT integration configured or you don’t. I only know of one MQTT integration for HA.

As another point of clarification: zwavejsui can communicate the status of the devices it controls in one of two ways; either websockets or mqtt. The mqtt option would publish information to some other existing mqtt server. It does not set up its own mqtt server.

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That explains it. Thanks. My zwavejs ui is slightly misleading as all the info is filled out for MQTT, but the integration in HA is showing the WS in the URL field.

I came across one older forum post that talked about an integrated MQTT broker which created this confusion Docker - What’s included?

HA has not had its own MQTT broker server built in for many many years. The one that was built in had a memory leak among other issues and eventually was deprecated and removed. People were told to run an external MQTT broker server.

What is inside HA is the MQTT integration which will connect HA to the external broker and subscribe/listen to all published topics

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