Disadvantages with RPI4 64 bit?


First time posting and new to Home Assistant.

Is there any disadvantage for a normal user? Im going to use Hue bulbs, sensors, switch, Z-wave stick for electric floor heating (thermostats), roborock S5 and some other “normal” stuff.

Will there be som problems with 64 bit compared to 32 bit? In my country I cant find a 32 bit. I read about GPIO is not supported, but that doesnt look like anything I need for my setup?

Thanks for your answers - love this community


Hi Eivind,
I think that you are confusing the recommendation for 32 bit operation system and 64 bit hardware. The RPI4 comes only in a 64 Bit version and that is the hardware you would buy if you want an RPI4. The 32 Bit recommendation is for the operating system software and the 32 Bit software will run on 64 Bit hardware.

The recommendation for the 32-bit variant is clearly there on purpose. I’m also curious as to why there was an affirmative effort to recommend it over the 64 bit environment. If it was an effort to lessen the chance people will download the 64 bit variety when what they have is 32 bit only hardware, it would seem that a warning instructing the downloader to verify their hardware would be clear and not be misunderstood. But what I’m speculating in my mind is that there’s something in the 64 bit version that is problematic. If the problem is between the keyboard and the chair, then fine. But if there’s a concern that the 64 bit version is more RC than production, it’d be nice to know.

Seems like some features are not implemented in 64 bit, like GPIO. This limitation seems to be inherited from the RPi development. Also, the need for 64 bit on the RPI is usually low as you don’t calculate a lot of big numbers nor address more than 4 Gb of ram. Therefore 64 bit on RPi probably doesn’t get much attention (but probably will when they release a 8 Gb Rpi).