Disc_use_percent does not update anymore (systemmonitor platform)

Hello All!

Not sure for how long, but my disk_use_percent sensor (systemmonitor) does not update anymore periodically. The other sensors in this group work fine.

Disk_use_percent would update once okay when homeassistant starts…
Manual update via service call does not work either and I don’t see any log-entries

Any suggestions?

ps.: hassio running on IntelNUC

- platform: systemmonitor
      - type: disk_use_percent
        arg: /
      - type: memory_free
      - type: load_15m
      - type: processor_use
      - type: last_boot

Hmm. Not sure. Last 7 days of disk use:

Screenshot_2020-04-24 Overview - Home Assistant

Looks a bit suspicious to me. Those spikes could be restarts, they’re not at the same time each day. I do have a stupidly large sized disk and have not been doing any major file additions or deletions though. I’ll copy a large file to my config folder and see.

EDIT: it’s working for me:

Screenshot_2020-04-24 Overview - Home Assistant

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hahaha - it updates immediately and I’m just ashamed that I did not think about just copying a large file to the config folder :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint :slight_smile: - this issue is NOT an issue - all works fine :slight_smile: