"Disco Lights" for RGBW(W) lighting similar to the new Phillips Hue announcement

It would be awesome if Home Assistant could somehow emulate Philips Hue and Spotify partner to let lights sync with your music - The Verge so putting the system into “party mode” made all the lights in a given group flash to music etc.

You can do that with https://ledfx.app/. I’ve played with it but haven’t connected it to HASS

My concern with using LEDFX is that if the “diy” part of the platform is incorrectly wired up and damage results to property, an insurance company may not pay out.

I’m not 100% sure how this would work, but I see it as an enhancement to the media plug in or similar to try and somehow work out the beats and then pulse the selected lights in time with the music.

Obviously this isn’t trivial, but it would be nice to have… :wink: