DISCONTINUED HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

I was having this problem, force quit the app and then it started working.

I’m forwarding 443. Just checked again to make sure.

I tried, but no luck :frowning:
Thanks for the tip

So port is good. Did you try using api password instead of token?

Working now, the only problem Is that my default View got errors

You could try implement notifications into the app as well. Crewski has a notification app that uses firebase so theres no reason you couldn’t add it to this app as well Android actionable notifications

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Installed and working ok.
One issue I have is my Cover entity is not clickable as is my Lock.
There is no way to interact with them.

I can’t seem to get it to work. Does it work with “invalid” or self signed certificates? Whenever I use Python Requests I have to “allow invalid certs”

Share please

Please create an issue on GitHub with this screenshot and let’s sort it out

I’m already saw this project and definitely HA Client need this functionality, but first of all we need to make it more stable.

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The only entities with controlling support for now is switches, lights, automation, scripts and scenes.

Unfortunately now it is not working with invalid certificates. Please, report this issue here, maybe it is possible to fix this.

Now it connects, but I miss lots of entities (no lights)

Guys, I want to thank you all for your help. But it is very hard to fallow all issues in one forum thread. Please report your issue to HA Client public repo on GitHub and we will sort it out one by one. Thanks!

This is already a progress :slight_smile: Please report this issue to HA Client bug tracker.

It’s working now since the last update :slight_smile:
I did not have to change anything.

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I’m skipping entities that can’t be parsed. I think this is the reason.

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!

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Ok, I created a new Issue on Github with some missing entities.

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